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Consumer Alert – Fictitious Cashiers Checks

Fictitious Cashiers Checks are in the name of The First National Bank of Suffield, use the correct routing number of 011102353, but state the checks are Payable Through FNB of Suffield.   To date, the checks presented have been made payable to various payee’s, all have been issued in the amount of $4,985.00 and are dated “02/06/2008” or "02/13/2008".  

These checks have the words “Cashier´s Check” (with an apostrophe) printed on the top-center of the check,   REMITTER: S n´ C Inc. on the bottom-left corner and Security Features with padlock symbols appear at the bottom-center.  These checks also have a fictitious 1-888 telephone number where an automated message answers as The First National Bank of Suffield.  After pressing touch tones keys you are connected to an unknown person who will “verify funds” on these fictitious checks. 

Due to possible variations in appearance of the counterfeit / fictitious items, it is suggested that officials of The First National Bank of Suffield be contacted at (860) 668-3950 to verify authenticity of any of the bank´s official items, if received from an unknown or questionable source. 

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